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Genesis Markets is a crypto broker that offers altcoin trading on the Genesis Vision Trading Terminal. It also lets you access multiple crypto exchanges within a single Genesis Markets account (as opposed to 15 logins for the varying different exchanges needed).

Genesis Markets is a crypto broker

Benefits for you

Genesis Markets is a part of the Genesis Vision ecosystem and the Genesis Vision ERC20 Token (GVT) has use cases for both of the projects.

MetaTrader 5 is the most renowned trading terminal in the world, developed for Forex and Stock markets. Genesis Markets bridges these two very distinct worlds by bringing over 10 years of accumulated conventional trading experience directly into crypto.

Enjoy trading the way it was supposed to be.

Eight order types allow for the most precise crypto trading experience

A professional trading terminal, chosen by millions of traders

Available on all devices, including web, PC and mobile

A market of user-created trading indicators and tools, along with a surplus of pre-installed instruments

Support of Expert Advisors better known as trading robots

Easy and fast account opening

Fees and Discounts

Make sure that you familiarize yourself with all the costs and associated charges.

Genesis Markets offers a competitive tiered fee structure: the regular trading fee is 0.3%, however the fee is discounted, depending on how much GVT you hold. Exact discount levels can be found in the chart below:

Amount Discount Fees
From 1 GVT up to 10 30% 0.210%
Up to 25 35% 0.195%
Up to 50 GVT 40% 0.180%
Up to 100 GVT 45% 0.165%
Up to 500 GVT 50% 0.150%
500 GVT+ 55% 0.135%

Become a Partner Through Our Broker Referral Program

At Genesis Markets we welcome crypto traders of all shapes and sizes. If you know someone, who would enjoy the crypto experience on the MetaTrader terminal, make sure to invite them and receive the referral commissions therein.

Only three easy steps to join

  • Register a new account or log in to your Genesis Markets referral dashboard.

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  • Share your referral link on social media or send directly to your friends.

  • Earn rebate from all executed trades made by your referrals.


Your referrals had a total trading volume of $2.5M within a calendar month. In such case, your rebate will be 0,03% of $1M, which is $300 and 0,04% for the additional volume of $1.5M, which is $600. The total rebate at the end of the month is $900.

Executed volume of your referrals is $17M within a calendar month, in that case your rebate consists of 0,03% for the volume of $1M ($300), 0,04% for the second volume tier of $2M ($800) and $0.05 for the additional volume of $14M ($7000). The total rebate at the end of the month is $8100.

  • 0.03%
    for any volume
    below $1M
  • 0.04%
    for any volume between $1M and $3M
  • 0.05%
    for any volume
    above $3M